We are a production company with big dreams based in the Forest of Dean. We believe that any project is achievable with hard work and commitment from everyone in our small team and we're always up for a challenge. Joey started One Man Band in 2014 with aspirations of being a music producer. He quickly found that the demands in such a line of work were too high for him alone, so he let the business fall by the wayside so that he could focus on daily life things.

Then, after meeting through mutual friends, in the summer of 2015, Lucy approached him to propose a collaborative project. It soon became apparent to them that they could work well together as a team and had similar interests with complimentary skills and thus, One Man Band was resurrected. With music tracks, a handful music videos and two short films under their belts, they are now expanding, learning with every new project and raising the bar a little all the time. They are excited to see what the next move will bring and just how this little story will unfold...